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Don't GIVE Your Flock Treats... FEED Them Nutrition.


Many people who own chickens, buy bugs like mealworms and BSF (black soldier fly) larvae as treats.

The reality is that in high quantities, these bugs can be harmful to chickens if they're not preserved properly.


Most mealworms and BSF Larvae that are being sold to chicken owners are microwaved (some are very deceptive and call it 'oven-dried'), which leaves only the crusty outer shell of the bug.

This is not as nutrient rich as full, freeze dried animals. The Honest Worm! is packed with nutrients, minerals, and amino acids that will help your chickens stay healthy and happy, longer.

Don't settle for cheap, microwaved imitations and fancy marketing tactics.


If you were to take a look at most dried bugs on the market today, you will realize that they are hollow, and empty. 


That's because most manufacturers use a low-cost microwave process to preserve their worms/larvae. 


This leaves a hollow, empty shell that is lacking it's natural gut-load that is extremely beneficial to the chicken's health.

Don't be fooled by cheap alternatives!

Only The Honest Worm! is 98% identical to the living Yellow Mealworm. Which means that you are providing optimal nutrition to your flock.

What's more- most bugs that go through a 'drying' or microwave process, endure a very stressful demise. 

This means that when feeding your chickens crispy, dried bugs, you are exposing your flock to an empty, stressed outer shell- providing very little actual nutrients.