The "Chicken Treat" Hoax

It's no secret that people like to treat their chickens. After all, many backyard chicken families view their chickens as pets. But there is a problem with the chicken "treat" business. Unfortunately there are very few treats that are actually beneficial to a chicken's delicate yet hearty digestive system. 
Whole corn or cracked corn is utterly useless to a chicken from a nutrition standpoint (unless you are trying to fatten them up in a very short amount of time) and there are a number of other items for sale that are classified by the manufacturer as "treats". 
One of the most prevalent and readily available items for sale that people view as treats for their chickens are dried mealworms. Now, there are few animals that more nutritious than a mealworm however, once they go through the "drying" process, they lose all of the beneficial nutrients and amino acids that provide the building blocks for protein that assist the chicken's body to produce eggs and feathers. 
In most cases, the only thing left is the mealworm exoskeleton which is primarily comprised of a material used to create dyes, adhesives, and is also used in the production of some recyclable plastics. 
There are also other treat products on the market that claim to be nutritious for your flock, like popular "blocks" made with various seeds and more dried (microwaved) mealworms. While the seeds may have some degree of nutrition, the mealworms do not and again, could be potentially harmful to your flock.
Another popular treat is dried BSF (Black Soldier Fly) larvae. Much like a dried mealworm, it lacks almost all of the nutrition the living BSF larvae has, leaving you with a crispy, hollow shell just like the empty mealworms. Many BSF manufacturers claim that their bugs have high amounts of calcium (because that's pretty much all that is left) but the reality is that you can get 10 times the amount of calcium from oyster shells (and they're much cheaper).      
That is why The Honest Worm!™ only provides whole Premium Yellow Mealworms that have been preserved using a proprietary process called The Honest Lock™. This proprietary process is similar to the process astronauts use to preserve their food prior to heading into outer-space. In other words, all of the nutrition remains, and you get all of the benefits of a live mealworm- NOT an empty shell. 
If you have purchased dried mealworms in the past, there is really no comparison to our whole Premium Yellow Mealworms. 
If you care about your chickens and their health, and the health of their eggs, you need to chose The Honest Worm!™. 

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