Are your Mealworms produced in China?

"Are your Mealworms grown in China?"

We know there is a stigma behind products coming out of China. After all, there are lots of really (really) crummy items China produces- and they do it very inexpensively. 

This is why China is a favorite location for US importers to produce products- cost and speed of production.

So why would we choose China to source our product, knowing the negative reaction people have when they find out where it is sourced?

ESPECIALLY when we call ourselves "The Honest Worm"?

Well, the first instinct is to assume that we chose China because they are less expensive than producing the worms here in the US... and we're just "in it" for the profit. 

Let me tell you why that is categorically incorrect. 

Raising mealworms on their own, is relatively inexpensive. I mean... the darn things reproduce faster than a Kardashian at a Kanye West concert!

But the problem is not reproduction of the worms... it's feeding them, and preserving them. 

You see, the Chinese have been growing bugs for HUMAN consumption for thousands of years!

Relatively speaking, the US is lightyears behind China for producing bugs that humans can eat. 

So because the Chinese are MUCH (MUCH) better at growing and producing bugs... we chose them over anyone in the US.

And trust us... we looked! There are only a handful of mealworm providers in the US. 

Now, because we have to pay import tariffs, maintain licensing with US Government agencies for importing, pay licensed companies to receive the imported goods (not to mention all of the regulatory obstacles on the China mainland)...

It would be MUCH less hassle to grow and produce worms here in the US. 

But even if we did... the product wouldn't be as good!

Just look at this picture below:

Picture "A" is a microscopic image of a Black Soldier Fly grown right here in the USA. 

Picture "B" is a microscopic image of a mealworm, also grown in the USA. 

Picture "C" is a Microscopic image of The Honest Worm... grown overseas in China. 

But that's not the only reason we chose our specific Farm in China. 

Did you know that mealworms can actually survive off of eating styrofoam?

It's true! 

So we wanted to make sure we were sourcing worms that DIDN'T feed chemical waste to mass-produce our bugs. 

Our farm grows all fresh vegetables, fruits, and bran DIRECTLY on the same farm that produces the worms. 

Here is our worm's all-natural diet:

So the facts are:

1) Providing mealworms grown in the USA would be cheaper, faster, and yield a far less quality product than our farm in China. 

2) Providing mealworms grown in the USA would have LESS regulatory standards than what we have to deal with now.

3) Providing mealworms grown in the USA would have a MUCH better response from our US customer base simply because it says "Made in USA"... but we will not sacrifice the quality of our product for a marketing ploy. 

If you decide to not chose our product because it is NOT made in the USA... we completely understand. 

But we can assure you that the highest quality mealworm available on the market today (other than growing your own live mealworms) is The Honest Worm

Now, this does not mean that ALL mealworms grown in China are good for your flock- not by a long shot. 

Many Chinese and (other) Asian countries still use microwaving as the most popular method to preserve their mealworms. 

But rest assured, only The Honest Worm has The Honest LockTM which ensures you are getting the healthiest, freshest, most nutritious worms available on the market today. 

Go ahead and give them a try today!

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